From Moog To Mac – Electronic Music by Herbert Deutsch

Electronic music pioneer Herb Deutsch has released a new retrospective CD, From Moog To Mac, that includes historical gems such as Jazz Images, the first piece of music ever composed using a Moog synthesizer and The Abominatron, a tape recording from August, 1964 in which Bob Moog talks and plays as he describes his progress on the first prototype synthesizer prior to shipping it to Herb.

Here’s a track listing:

  • A Christmas Carol – Composed in 1963 as a message to President Kennedy about the Birmingham church bombings. The night after Bob Moog heard this piece in concert, he and Herb discussed getting together to create a new electronic instrument.
  • The Abominatron – The historic tape recording wherein Bob Moog discusses and plays the first prototype synthesizer. It’s worth the price just to hear this excerpt. Bob’s personality shows thru in this fascinating piece.
  • Jazz Images, A Worksong and Blues – The first piece of music composed on a Moog!
  • Prologue To King Richard III – 1971 piece for Minimoog, trumpet and voice.
  • A Little Night Music, The Ithaca Journal, Aug 6, 1965 – Headlines, Comics News Articles and Moog. From the historic 1965 Moog Music Workshop in Trumansburg, NY.
  • Longing – For Piano and Theremin.
  • Circling (But You Did Not Know) – For Piano and Theremin.
  • Abyss – Featuring Soprano and Piccolo, from the CD “WOMAN IN DARKNESS”
  • Sleight Of Hand (Mister Magic Man) – 1989, from the CD “WOMAN IN DARKNESS”.
  • Fantasy on “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child” – For saxophone and electronics. Moves from plaintive spiritual melody to jazz improvisation.

The CD is available at the Moog Music site.

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