Drumpants Turn Your Pants Into MIDI Instrument

Tyler Freeman, aka odbol, liked drumming on his pants so much that he added MIDI triggers, hooked his a** up to a computer and created Drumpants.

DrumPants are a set of pants that enable the wearer to produce drum sounds by hitting various parts of the pants with his hands. The wearer thusly becomes a cyborg musician, his body assuming the roles of both player and instrument, allowing for spontaneous electric hambone solos or even collaborations with other musicians in a band setting.

Here are some videos of Drumpants in action:

How they Work

DrumPants are simply a pair of pants with sensors embedded in them. They are completely portable and comfortable to wear. When hit, the sensors send MIDI signals to any MIDI device (be it a drum machine, synthesizer, keyboard sampler or computer) which in turn plays drum samples through the speakers. The pants are also Bluetooth enabled, so they can send the MIDI information wirelessly to a laptop or even a cell phone up to 30 feet away.

Since DrumPants merely send MIDI notes, they can be used for more than just drum sounds, such as piano and other synthesizers, or even be used to control live video.

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