AlpineSoft Releases Version 3 Of VinylStudio Digitizing Software

Vinyl Digitizer

AlpineSoft has announced an updated version of VinylStudio, with enhanced audio cleanup tools.

VinylStudio is designed to be a complete software solution for digitizing vinyl LP’s and tapes via your PC. It records, splits tracks and burns both audio and MP3 CD’s,. It can also look track listings up over the Internet and copy tracks to your iPod or MP3 player. VinylStudio comes with a complete set of audio cleaning filters to remove clicks, crackles, tape hiss and more and is shareware (try-before-you-buy).

VinylStudio’s new audio cleanup tools offer exceptional power and flexibility without compromising user-friendliness. Declicking is fast—a typical LP side can be scanned in under a minute—and accurate. Unique ‘Brass Protection’ and ‘Percussion Protection’ features preserving the fidelity of your recordings and we have conducted extensive listening tests to ensure that you get the best possible results.

The new hiss, hum and rumble filters operate in real time, as does the graphic equaliser. This allows you to experiment with the settings and hear your results straightaway, unlike many competing products. VinylStudio offers you the freedom to experiment by keeping a record of your changes and almost all operations in VinylStudio can be undone (and redone). This, combined with fast load and save times, make it a friendly and forgiving working environment. All you need is a PC with a sound card and a turntable (or USB turntable).

VinyStudio costs US$ 29.95 (around UK £15) + 17.5% VAT if you live in a EU member state.

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