JazzMutant Releases Dexter Digital Audio Workstation Controller

Jazzmutant Dexter

JazzMutant sent us updated info on the JazzMutant Dexter, a next-generation control surface optimized for working with mainstream sequencing apps.

JazzMutant has partnered with the major sequencer manufacturers, so Dexter accurately mirrors the functionality of most popular DAWs (including Logic Pro, Cubase, SONAR and Nuendo) on its robust, touch-sensitive screen. Control the features within your sequencer by touch to click, drag, select and control parts and levels. And with Dexter’s unique Multi-touch Display Technology, Dexter responds to an unlimited number of simultaneous touches so you can quickly and easily get to the heart of your sequencing.

Visual feedback is key with Dexter with your complete project shown on screen—tracks, effects, levels, surround positions, timecodes—it’s all there without any abbreviations. You can even switch off your computer monitor and use Dexter by itself if you wish.

Ease of Use

Dexter’s main interface mimics that of your DAW’s and has large, clear icons, offering a totally intuitive workspace for your projects. A clever colour-code system enables users to quickly and easily determine the status of parts of your project, such as which tracks are active or solo’d.

Navigating around Dexter is simplicity in itself, thanks to several groundbreaking features. A Smart Overview function displays a miniature version of key elements of your arrangement—like the mixer. Tracks within your songs can easily be rearranged according to whatever parameters (for example, which tracks are solo’d or muted). You can even group together certain tracks for easy viewing/control/editing simply by selecting them using the powerful Group Edit feature.

One of the best features within Dexter is its zoomable operation that allows you to increase the size of controllers to specify a higher editing resolution—it’s an unprecedented level of precision unheard of in traditional hardware controllers.

Screen Interface

There are beautiful on-screen graphical representations of many parameters, including EQ and surround sound. You can even control parameters to insert effects with more plug-in instrument support to come in future software updates (the firmware is easily updatable with regular updates in the pipeline).

Dexter not only looks great, it feels very solid too. And with a robust design, the unit can be taken on the road to be used in a variety of performance, recording and production environments.

Dexter has been designed with just one purpose in mind: to make music production easier, fun and efficient. It literally brings the power of digital audio workstations to your fingertips in a creative and user-friendly way.

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