Kosheen – Damage

Kosheen’s music is an appealing mix of synthpop and great female vocals – as if the Cars had been fronted by 10000 Maniacs’ Natalie Merchant & Grace Slick’s love child.

Kosheen’s Damage is a polished collection of intelligents electronica songs.

While a lot of electronica artists are happy to limit vocals to chants and dance mantras, Kosheen offers well-crafted pop-songs, gives them interesting electronica arrangements and showcases the lyrics with Sian’s strong, attractive deliver.

Throughout the CD, Kosheen puts together tight tunes with great vocals and interesting electronica arrangements. It’s not a great CD, but it’s pretty damn good….


  • Damage
  • Overkill
  • Like a Book
  • Same Ground Again
  • Guilty
  • Chances
  • Out of This World
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Thief
  • Under Fire
  • Not Enough Love
  • Cruel Heart
  • Marching Orders
  • Your Life

7 thoughts on “Kosheen – Damage

  1. I think this is a great CD! Kosheen continue to bring out fresh albums, defying the boundaries of genre. All killer and no filler!

  2. It’s been 4 years since Kosheen’s last album (Kokopelli in 2003) and it’s great to see the Bristol trio of Sian Evans, Markee Davies and Darren Beale back again. This time, they have produced a very well worked album in Damage.

    It is understandable to say that 16 tracks may be too much to someone who’s listening to Kosheen for the very first time. But be assured that if you want to hear an album that is different from what is out in the stores right now, Damage is something that I would recommend to you. To anyone that is slightly familiar with Kosheen’s work, then I would say that the more tracks the better!

    Damage borders between the sounds from the dance style of Resist and the rock sounds from Kokopelli and mixing a fresh electro-synth sound that is easily catchy and enjoyable to listen to.

    The album explores the troubles of a relationship, coping with a loss, trying to bridge the gaps and heal the wounds of a broken heart. This is clearly evident in lead singer Sian Evans’ song writing. The emotional but yet powerful and breathtaking vocals Sian provides really compliments each song perfectly and this sets the trend for the whole album.

    From start to finish there are some very good tracks. Damage, Overkill, Same Ground Again, Professional Friend and Wish You Were Here sway towards the rock sounds from Kokopelli, possibly hinting a bit of Depeche Mode and Massive Attack in some songs. But the heavy synthesizers and the emotion Sian Evans puts into each song soon becomes addictive to listen to.

    Chances, Guilty and Like A Book are infectious dance tracks that are suitable for a night out and makes you want to dance all night long. Again the synthesizers are a joy to hear and in some cases you could detect a bit of Kraftwerk and Yazoo influence in them as they blend perfectly into these dance tunes.

    But the chill out songs like Out Of This World and Analogue Street Dub, along with the beautiful ballads of Cruel Heart and Under Fire, really make this album stand out in terms of Kosheen experimenting with different sounds and styles and giving the listener plenty of variety.

    It’s a fantastic return that was worth waiting for. Welcome back Kosheen!

  3. Since their last album (Kokopelli), a long 4 years have passed. Thankfully then, Kosheen have not disappointed with Damage, their third album.
    From the opener ‘Damage’ – heart-felt and stomping – through the synthesizer tinged lead-single ‘Overkill’, to the quiter moments such as ‘Marching Orders’ – haunting lyrics and a song that moves away from anything Kosheen have done before. Such variety that has seen them cross genres, refusing to be tied to any one style. This variety is demonstrated superbly on Damage.
    Overall, an album that not only lived up to the expectations of those that waited, but completely surpassed them. A stunning, excellent album, the best of 2007.

  4. Viral marketing team? I don’t think so, just genuine fans who enjoy kosheen’s musical offerings.
    Again Kosheen have refused to be pigoen holed into a particular genre and this album sees a mix of electronic tunes with great hooks, bass lines and stunning vocals from Sian evans.
    This cd has something for everyone.
    weldone kosheen on another excellent album, but please 4 years is too long.

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