Sounds And Effects Releases Electrified! guitars

Electrified guitarsSounds And Effects has announced Electrified! guitars, a multi-sample electric guitar sound library for Kontakt, HAlion, Reason’s NNXT, and Logic’s EXS24 featuring vintage and modern electric guitars and amps; suitable for most rock and jazz styles.

Featured guitars include a 1958 ES-175, a 1967 ES-335, a 1969 Les Paul, a Rickenbacher 12 string, a Telecaster, Roger Sadowsky custom shop Strat, a 1971 Gretsch Roc Jet, a 1973 Gibson SG, and more.  Amps include a Marshall stack, a 1965 Fender Deluxe ‘Blackface,’ as well as both clean and rack processed distorted DI tones.

Articulations include hand vibratos and half step slides, bottle slide guitar, wa-was, tremolo ‘whammy’ bars, hammer ons/pull offs, mutes, 5ths, 4ths, open strings, harmonics, licks, amplifier hiss and hums, and more.

Versions for Kontakt, Reason, Halion, EXS24
1897 24 bit Samples/ 1.5 gigs / 208 Presets
Mac or PC

The MSRP is $199.00.

You can preview the library below. Full contents listing and demos are available at the Sound and Effects site.

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