Beta Test Ableton Live 7

Ableton Live 7Ableton has announced a range of new products to be released before the end of 2007, just in time for the annual NAMM show: Ableton Live 7, several new add-on instruments, and Ableton Suite, a product that combines Live 7 with a choice selection of instruments in one comprehensive, discounted package.

The company is also looking for beta testers. If you’re brave and interested, check their site.

Live 7 Features:

  • The enhanced audio engine improves fidelity with 64-bit mix summing, POW-r dithering, optimized sample-rate conversion and other advances.
  • The new compressor device integrates three compression models, one of which is based on a feedback design commonly found in the most praised vintage compressors.
  • Fully integrated side-chaining capability is available for the new Compressor as well as Gate and Auto Filter.
  • High-Quality modes have been added to Operator, Dynamic Tube and Saturator for anti-aliased processing, reducing typical “digital” artifacts.
  • EQ Eight has an improved user interface and a 64 bit mode for increased accuracy.
  • The new Spectrum analyzer provides visual feedback for any audio signals within Live (and it looks really cool!).
  • The MIDI engine has been reworked to minimize timing error (jitter) of recorded MIDI.
  • Hardware integration has been streamlined—hardware synthesizers and effects can now be inserted into device chains just like software plug-ins.
  • New memory management technology allows users of large sample libraries, such as Ableton’s new sampled instruments or third-party libraries imported via Sampler, to run an impressive number of instruments at the same time. This happens automatically, with no setup changes required.
  • New Audio and MIDI fact sheets explain exactly how signals are (or are not) being modified when using specific features in Live and provide tips for achieving the highest quality results.

New Ableton Instruments

The new add-on instruments are the result of Ableton’s collaboration with leading industry partners. The palette covers physical models of electric pianos, analog synthesizers and string instruments as well as multi-mic/multi-layer sampled acoustic drums, drum machines, orchestral strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. The instruments integrate tightly with Live, both in terms of workflow and resource management. New instruments include Tension, Electric, Analog, Session Drums, Drum Machines, Orchestral Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion; and Essential Instrument Collection 2.

Ableton Suite

Ableton Suite is a combination of Live 7 plus a choice selection of Ableton instruments. This attractively priced package provides a comprehensive set of musical tools, all smoothly integrated into Live’s acclaimed workflow. The download version of Ableton Suite includes Live 7, Sampler, Operator, Electric, Analog, Tension and Drum Machines. The boxed version of Ableton Suite additionally includes the Essential Instrument Collection 2 and Session Drums.

All of these products will be released within Q4, after testing and bugfixing. The first round of beta testing for Ableton Live 7 is starting today with a limited participant group. A public beta version of these products will be available soon.


Ableton Live

  • Download version: €419/$499
  • Boxed version, includes the Essential Instrument Collection 2 (EIC 2): €499/$599

New Ableton Instruments

  • Tension: €129/$159
  • Electric: €129/$159
  • Analog: €129/$159
  • Essential Instrument Collection 2: €99/$119
  • Session Drums: €149/$179
  • Drum Machines: €69/$79
  • Orchestral Strings: €209/$249
  • Orchestral Brass: €209/$249
  • Orchestral Woodwinds: €209/$249
  • Orchestral Percussion: €169/$199
  • Orchestral Bundle (Orchestral Strings + Brass + Woodwinds + Percussion): €669/$799

Ableton Suite

  • Download version (Ableton Live 7 + Sampler + Operator + Tension + Electric + Analog + Drum Machines): €649/$799
  • Boxed version (Ableton Live 7 + Sampler + Operator + Tension + Electric + Analog + Drum Machines + Session Drums + Essential Instrument Collection 2): €799/$799

Upgrade prices can be found at the website.

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