Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgin Asks Musicians To Support Moog Museum

In the wake of Bob Moog’s death, his family created the Bob Moog Foundation, whose charter seeks to continue to herald his unique contributions in the form of awareness and scholarship. But now the family, through the Bob Moog Foundation, has taken on a new challenge, The Bob Moog Museum, dedicated to his life and vision in music and music yet to come.

“Speaking personally, I believe Bob Moog to be one of the great visionaries of our time,” says Billy “The World is a Vampire” Corgin of the Smashing Pumpkins. “His ideas far transcend use in just music, and to this day continue to have impact in everything from rock to rap to quantum physics. I strongly believe many people all over the world would benefit from being able to interact with the thoughts, ideas, inventions, and life of Dr. Moog, and I would emphasize that America has a long standing history of recognizing its heroes far, far too late. He was an American original, and this is a rare opportunity for any of us in the musical community to contribute a little something towards a history of lasting meaning and import.”

The Bob Moog Foundation, a non-profit, is run by Bob’s daughter Michelle Moog-Koussa. Sadly, Moog’s archives, which would be housed in the museum, are in a sad state of affairs. Many of his papers and technical schematics are covered in mold, including the original instruction manual of Keith Emerson’s famed ‘Monster Moog.’ Prototypes of ground breaking Moog equipment are rusted; early and unreleased experiments in sound electronics on reel-to-reel tapes not restored or transferred. Steps should be taken to preserve this voluminous and historic archive for generations to come.

“I directly appeal to any musician who has been touched by the work of this great man and spirit to help contribute to the foundation, to please help preserve the work and legacy of Dr. Moog before time has taken an irreversible toll on his archives,” adds Corgin. “I humbly also ask any fan of electronic music to consider a donation to the foundation, in recognition of his influence on many of your favorite musical artists.”

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