Cortex Updates HDC-3000 Digital Music Controller Software

cortex hdc-3000

Cortex has announced an update to the HDC-3000 Digital Music Controller.

Most prominent on the list of improvements to the HDC-3000 software is VBR indexing. According to Cortext, indexing your file guarantees flawless playback from VBR files.

The new software also features an improved Scratch Mode to allow your HDC-3000 to scratch exclusively in Pitch Mode, giving you a more precise and accurate vinyl emulation, as well as a Help Manual installed in the unit, faster File Browse Mode and an overall performance improvement in all facets of the unit.

2 thoughts on “Cortex Updates HDC-3000 Digital Music Controller Software

  1. Sometime ago, I have purchased an Cortex HDC 3000 unit and this is literally the first time I am taking it out of the box. According to the INFO Button on the unit which I’ve depressed, it indicates that the current Firmware installed was downloaded on April 28th, 2008 – version 1.8.3

    As the firmware or software is antiquated and requires updating and as this will be the first time I am attempting to use it, I really want to discover the power potential that this item has.

    My music files are stored on a MacBook Pro and I use Apple Itunes format for my music files however the HDC-3000 unit will not recognize it. Is there another musical platform preferable for use?. Can anyone help me please?.

  2. I have a Cortex HDC-3000 that requires software and / or firmware updates however I cannot find any online. The current configuration displayed is April 28th, 2008 – version 1.8.3

    Can anyone direct me to an online site whereas I can download the necessary information?. I will appreciate any assistance given in this venture.

    Regards and thanks!.

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