PowerFX First Refill for Reason 4: The Mjolnir Refill

PowerFX has announced the first commercial refill for Reason 4: The Mjolnir Refill.

In Nordic mythology, Mjolnir, is Thor’s hammer, known for its pulverizing ability. Reason 4’s Thor synth is the focus of the product, with over 500 patches and combinator settings that extensively utilize the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer.

Mjolnir is produced by REASON guru, eXode, who has previously created an expansion Piano refill for Propellerhead software, as well as including a soundset in Reason 4.

“Although I used many vintage synths as inspiration for creating these patches, there are plenty of modern sounds as well like trance bass patches and ethereal pads,” says eXode. “Also there are some Thor setups that exist exclusively for the Combinator patches. For example there’s the Super Unison patch under the Lead category that has very clever programming where you can control stereo width and amount of detune.”

The Mjolnir Refill patch categories include 150 Bass patches, 16 FX patches, 138 Lead patches, 100 Pad patches, 96 Poly (Keyboard) patches and 50 Combinator patches. Arpeggiators are also used in some of the settings along with some very unique steropads. The product is available for download for $59 and because it is exclusively patch and programmed based, the download is less than 10 MB..

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