Footime Foot Mouse Puts MIDI Control At Your Feet

Foot MouseBili Inc. has introduced the Footime Foot Mouse with programmable pedal, designed for musicians facing problems such as moving hands and eyes between a mouse, keyboard, and MIDI keyboard during composing and arranging.


  • Slipper-shaped and efficient cursor controller (moving like “hand” mouse)
  • Ergonomic 2-level layout of control pedal
  • All mouse clicks, scroll roller plus double click button
  • Definable pedal (buttons) to define any keys or shortcuts
  • Powered by user-friendly Neuratron software
  • Compatible with most Windows and Mac OS


  • Avoid repetitive hand and eye movement between hand mouse and keyboard or other input devices
  • Speed up workflow of computer work with foot-controlled hotkeys
  • Reduce hand and wrist stress
  • Help prevent or heal carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or other hand injuries
  • Help people multitask simultaneously
  • Avoid contamination by keeping dirty/clean hands off hand input devices

SRP: $199 (with software & a big free mouse mat)

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