Precisionsound Intros Concert Cimbalom

Moldova Concert CimbalomPrecisionsound has released the Moldova Concert Cimbalom for HALion & Kontakt.

The concert cimbalom is the biggest instrument in the dulcimer family and commonly used in European gypsy music. The range of the Moldova Concert Cimbalom is: B1 – F#6 – American designation but has been mapped as B0 – F#5 to better support 5 octave keyboards mostly used by DAW based musicians.

The recording was made in the “Usachevsky” studio at the University of Utah in USA with the instrument being played by Igor Iachimciuc.

Three pairs of mallets – soft, medium and hard – were used at the recording. All notes in the instrument’s whole range wererecorded in 3 velocity layers for all the 3 mallet types in both sustained and damped versions. Also recorded were harmonics (sustained) and the instrument played with nails (Pizzicato), both sustained and damped plus a huge selection of clusters and effects.

The SampleSet contains 1 208 24bit stereo WAV samples mapped in 21 programs for HALion 1.11 & Kontakt 1.2 . All formats are included when you buy the library.

Moldova Concert Cimbalom costs $69 (+$11 if you want it on DVD).

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