Sounds And Effects Announces Pure Acoustic Guitar Library

Guitar SamplesSounds And Effects has announced that the two DVD multisample set Pure Acoustic guitars, released last month for Kontakt, is now available for Steinberg’s HALion, Apple’s Logic/ EXS24, and as a Reason Refill.

You can preview Pure Acoustic below.

The library consists of a Martin HD-28 and Taylor 410 with each note sampled from ppp to f : up to 9 samples/note at 24/96 resolution—over 5500 samples; for a total of over 8 gigs. The recording sessions used Schoeps mikes and API pre-amps.

Articulations include picked straight, picked vibrato soft, picked vibrato hard, picked half step slides, fingerstyle straight, fingerstyle vibrato, soft, medium and hard 2 finger plucks, harmonics, four layer mutes, open strings, and many fret noises. Presets include many velocity switches: Picked to Pluck, Mute to Pick, Mute to Pluck, Fingerstyle to Pluck Open Stings to Harmonics, etc. For both guitars, the low E string was also de-tuned to low D to capture deep buzzy bass notes.

Pure Acoustic specs:

  • Kontakt Mac or PC
  • 8 gigabytes on 2 DVDs
  • 24/96 with a lower memory version of each guitar

The MSRP is $199.00, and full contents listing and demos are available at the site.

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