Submersible Music Releases TempestaPack I Sound Pack

TempestaPackSubmersible Music has released TempestaPack I, a collection of double-kicking, metal fury from John Tempesta (Rob Zombie, Testament, Helmet).

The content comes pre-configured with metadata for use with the DrumCore/DrumCore LT search engine. This provides quick access to grooves, fills, variations and individual drum sounds. Search content based on feel (straight, shuffle, etc.), time signature and tempo. Users can add their own search criteria (new styles or comments, for example).

Content is arranged in “GrooveSets”, which are a song-like collection of related beats, variations and fills that serve as a construction kit for song creation. GrooveSets include patterns to compliment traditional verse-chorus structures. All audio loops and drumkit content is 48kHz/24-bit and created in professionally designed studios using state-of-the-art digital (ProTools HD3) and analog (Neumann, Neve, etc.).

DrumCore works with all the major audio applications and supports dragging MIDI (single or multitrack) directly to tracks in applications that support “drag-and-drop” such as Acid, Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic, Nuendo, Pro Tools and Sonar.

TempestaPack I is priced at $79.99, US retail and requires DrumCore (v2 or higher) or FREE DrumCore LT (downloadable from

TempestaPack I GrooveSets Include:

  • Bronx— a 1/16th hi-hat groove with a kinetic kick pattern. 80 – 170 bpm
  • China Town—snare on every beat with double kick frenzy. 120 – 210 bpm
  • General Patton—”Levy-esque” but this one’s not breaking. 115 – 240 bpm
  • Grappa—kick on the downbeat and snare on the up. 180 – 240 bpm
  • Green Machine—1/8th hi-hat drive with 1/2 time crash rides. 175 – 240 bpm
  • Julio—straight 1/8th-to-stuttering hi-hat slosh against 1/16th kicks. 95 – 170 bpm
  • Lost—1/16th shredfest with cool tom breakdown stuff. 90 – 120 bpm
  • Soho—anticipation mounts with choked hi-hat pauses and 1/8th kick pattern. 130 – 200 bpm

New DrumCore Drumkits Include:

Four new DrumCore MIDI drumkits are provided for playing the included MIDI beats or programming your own beats with. They include the “GP” (General Patton), Grappa, “GM” (Green Machine), “Julio” and “Soho” kits. John’s signature “Stealth Snare” from TAMA and all the pieces of his raging double-kick kit are included.

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