KeyToSound Releases Production Pack Audio Stereo Processor Suite

Dynamic EQ

KeyToSound has announced the release of Production Pack, a suite of audio stereo processors, including the following 4 plug-ins:

The Dynamic EQ—a 64-bit, zero-latency signal processor

  • 4 bands with solo feature and individual metering, threshold, ratio, attack, and release settings
  • Frequency, bandwidth, and gain settings per band
  • Global metering with up to +12db gain output

The Essential Compressor—an extremely versatile and transparent compressor

  • 64 bit processing with responsive VU level indicator for input and output signal
  • +/- 24db headroom

The Precision EQ—featuring FFT representation of either the input or output signal

  • 7 bands with 7 different filter types per band
  • Graphical drag and drop curve, Q, Frequency, and Gain settings with global output metering

The Vintage EQ

Gets its name from the warmth and character you hear when passing a signal through this EQ No over-sampling, as the requisite anti-aliasing techniques could easily degrade signal quality.

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