Submersible Music Shipping KitCore MIDI Drum Plug-In


Submersible Music is shipping KitCore, a new product based on the MIDI drum instrument in their DrumCore product.

KitCore is a solution for MIDI-based musicians (Mac and PC) to get easy access to the  drumkits found in DrumCore. It works with all RTAS (Pro Tools), AU (Logic, Garageband, DP, Live™, Tracktion) and VSTi (Acid, Cubase, Sonar, Band in the Box) plug-in hosts. KitCore is about simple access to great drum sounds tailored to a particular musical style. Additional drumkits will be available for KitCore starting in late 2007.

KitCore includes:

  • 1 – Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver) rock/pop kit
  • 2 – Ben Smith (Heart) rock/pop kits
  • 1 – Jon Bishop (Ernie Watts) jazz kit
  • 1 – Lonnie Wilson (Brooks & Dunn) brushed drumkit
  • 1 – Assortment of Latin percussion instruments from Luis Conte (Clapton)
  • 2 – Subwoofer-slammin’ urban/electronic kits

Plus you can mix-and-match to create personalized, “hybrid” kits. Also KitCore can access DrumCore’s MIDI drumkits if a user has DrumCore or DrumCore LT installed.

Includes over 400 great MIDI drum files (beats, fills, variations, click tracks, etc.). All KitCore drumkits are 48kHz/24 bit, so there is extra headroom at the sample level (many libraries are only 16 bit) and you are assured the best fidelity in 24 bit.

KitCore includes over 400 MIDI files with beats, fills, variations and click tracks. KitCore is GM compatible, so it works with a huge number of MIDI libraries and controllers.

KitCore is available now for $49 (US retail price). Example drum tracks using KitCore sounds can be found on the Submersible site.

4 thoughts on “Submersible Music Shipping KitCore MIDI Drum Plug-In

  1. Hi,

    I have KitCore working in ACID and it provides MIDI drumkit sounds and MIDI grooves. Are you sure you bought KitCore? It sounds like you bought a drummerpack and drumcore LT (which is their free version of drumcore that still has a MIDI instrument too., but is a ReWire client). You should ask them about this on the forums. Also there is a free upgrade to KitCore v2 which adds a MIDI beat browser and more drumkits. Maybe you downloaded their free WAV loops even?


  2. Hi,

    Kord from Submersible Music here. It doesn’t sound like you are using KitCore. KitCore works great in Acid and provides MIDI drum sounds and MIDI beats, bit no audio loops which is what you seem to be referencing here.

    Please contact us at [email protected]. Maybe you have an older Acid that doesn’t do MIDI or more likely downloaded one of our audio loop products like the free DrumCore LT which can be used to host our DrummerPack libraries and exports audio and MIDI grooves. it is a ReWire client.

    Let us know as it doesn’t sound like you are using KitCore. Also note that there is a new v2 KitCore upgrade available for free on our website.



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