Russian Electronic Musician Turns Crime & Punishment Into Rock Opera

Eduard ArtemyevFyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment has been reimagined as an eclectic new rock opera, thanks to Eduardo Artemyev, soundtrack composer for 150 films including Andrei Tarkovsky’s sci-fi thriller Solaris.

Artemyev unveiled a $200,000 recording of the work last week in Moscow. In the audience was Sir Tim Rice, the British lyricist for Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita, who is said to be planning to stage Crime and Punishment on Broadway.

There has never been a large-scale musical production of Crime and Punishment, and as such Artemyev’s project has generated an intense buzz.

“Artemyev is the founder of Russian electronic music, and I’m interested in any project he does,” said Ilya Ovchinnikov, a music critic at Gazeta newspaper.

“I like that this project evolved — the music that Artemyev started with is completely different to the finished product. The result is a real collision of genres, from rock to classical music, with choirs and orchestras, synthesizers and all kinds of traditional instruments. It’s truly contemporary opera.”

Artemyev said he doesn’t care what happens with the project now he has completed it.”I had this portrait my whole life,” he said pointing to a gold-framed painting of Dostoevsky in his studio. “It was from my aunt, and I never knew why I had it. But there was a greater purpose in it. I was supposed to do this opera.”

via Moscow Times

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