Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman Release Happy Electropop Children’s Story

Troll’s StoryJean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman, champions of the happy electropop style, have released a web-based children’s story called Troll’s Story.

Perrey and Countryman wrote the text for the children’s book and scored all the original music, and they have made both the text and music available for free download, to be enjoyed by children of all ages.

You can preview the Troll’s Story below. Download the full story as free MP3s at Dana Countryman’s site.

The narrator for the children’s story is Tricia Meier-Countryman. The project is a spin-off from Perrey and Countryman’s recent Oglio Records CD The Happy Electropop Music Machine. The duo re-edited and re-scored their original synthesizer music to fit the story, which was written and inspired by their original Troll’s Story music from the Oglio CD.

Artist Information:

Jean Jacques Perrey: synthesizer, Moog synthesizers and Ondioline

Dana Countryman: synthesizer.

Jean Jacques Perrey is a legend in the electronic music field as a pioneer of that genre. He was the SECOND musician to ever own and record with the Moog Synthesizer, back in 1967. His music has been sampled by countless popular acts, including Ice T, Gangstarr and Fatboy Slim. At age 78, he is still creating and still touring.

Perrey’s musical partner is arranger and musician Dana Countryman, who co-composed the music and co-wrote the story for “Troll’s Story.”

Perrey and Countryman released their first CD for Oglio Records, The Happy Electropop Music Machine in 2006.

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