Mini-Magitron – Like A Mellotron, But Smaller

The Mini-Magitron is like a Mellotron, but smaller. It has a small midi-keyboard, a laptop with mellotron-soundfonts and a pair of active PC-speakers inside.

It’s a DIY project, and details are available online.

via maxbackstrom:

I love the sound of an instrument called mellotron.

There is one mellotron model, called M400, that was used by many progressive rockgroups, during 1970’s. Buying a mellotron today can be rather expensive and the service required, can be pretty expensive to. Unfortunately I cannot afford this, therefore I have no mellotron. It’s as easy as that.

On the other hand, I have tre pieces of plywood waiting to be used. I have an idea. I could make a playable model of a M400-mellotron.

Should I call it a “whannabe”-mellotron? No, I should give it a better, unique name. I call it MM400 – Mini-Magitron 400.

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