New Virtual Instrument Specializes In War Noises

The War MachineWar Machine is a new VSTi from PowerFX featuring the sounds of Machine guns, Missile launchers, single shots, rocket blasts, cannons, flame throwers, tanks, jet fighters and earth shattering explosions.

The VSTiconsists of 87 sounds programmed into the Maize VSTi Sample Player which is included in the product.

“Playing bombs and gun shots on a keyboard and then, recording them directly into your sequencer really opens up some exciting possibilities,” says PowerFX CEO Bil Bryant. “Including sound effects in a VSTi is something we have been looking into for some time now, and the Maize VSTi Sample Player makes this a very powerful, fun and easy-to-use package indeed.”

Rick James, eat your heart out.

The War Machine’s features include disk streaming, 16 channels, 4 stereo puts, reverb and EQ. All of the 87 sound effects are also included separately as .wav sound files for added user flexibility. It has both standalone/VSTi modes.

The War Machine is available as a download for $99 USD.

3 thoughts on “New Virtual Instrument Specializes In War Noises

  1. Am I the only one who thinks utiliziing a sample player for a library of 87 sound effects is a waste of space/CPU cycles? Most sequencers have a relatively basic sample player built-in, and for the majority of purposes this package would be used for running such samples through that would suffice!

  2. Cirillo

    wow that's politically incorrect! Ha!

    Tesuji – I'm with you on this one – I'm remembering the barking dogs that did Christmas songs……..what are you going to do, play Jingle Bells with bomb sounds?

    I'm sure somebody's got a creative use for this, though.

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