Roland FR-7 Brings Synth Technology To The Accordian

The Roland FR-7 V-Accordian brings Roland’s synth might to one of the world’s least loved instruments. You can see the FR-7 in action below.

FR-7 features:

  • PBM (Physical Behavior Modeling) enables true sound reproduction and dynamic expression.
  • Realistic tone and expressive simulations of a wide range of traditional accordions.
  • 22 onboard Orchestral sounds and 7 Orchestral Bass sounds that can be mixed together with traditional accordion sounds.
  • Control of the Orchestral sounds via the Orchestral Chord and the Orchestral Free Bass sections.
  • Portable, lightweight and expandable via MIDI.
  • Expand creative possibilities and explore new performance options not achievable using traditional instruments.
  • The FR-7 is a complete, all-in-one model with powered speakers.

Roland seems to be targeting a conservative audience of musicians with its V-Accordians. With MIDI-out, though, we’re hoping to see more interesting uses of the FR-7s.

What’s next, a V-Banjo?

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