Beaver and Krause – Peace Three On The Moog Synthesizer

Beaver and Krause – Peace Three – Moog Synthesizer (YouTube)


Not a very exciting video, but this video by Frritzz captures Peace Three, from The Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music by Paul Beaver and Bernard T. Krause, an early introduction to the sounds of the Moog synthesizer.

Peace Three is the first and last track on the album. All done on the Moog synthesizer.

Explains Frritzz:

Back in late ’80s I found this album at a flea market. It didn’t have the booklet but the records were almost like new. Some days later, again at a flea market. I found the album with the booklet, in very good shape. So, I sold the one without the booklet. The customer was happy, nonetheless.

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