Get A Mighty Organ, Guaranteed!!!!

mighty organOthers may promise to give you a mighty organ, but only only AudioWarrior delivers.

They’ve released The Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ instrument collection for Kontakt. The 3 instrument collection includes the Wurly Theatre Organ, considered by some as the first live performance sampler instrument, with built in sound effects like sleigh bells, drum roll, church chimes, and real traps [drums] inside the actual body along with tuned-pipe simulated violin, tuba, voices, oboe, cello, etc.

  • The Mighty Wurlitzer” theatre organ was designed, originally by Robert Hope-Jones, as a “one man orchestra” to accompany silent movies. In all, Wurlitzer built over 2,200 pipe organs.
  • The Music Hall instrument is actually a concert instrument, capable of playing classical as well as non-classical repertoire. It was the only Wurlitzer installation still in use that has dual identical, but independent consoles. Smaller instruments in the UK exist in their original installations, such as the Gaumont State Cinema, Kilburn and the Blackpool Tower Ballroom in the UK. These instruments are still being played several times a week. The B3 organ uses an AudioWarrior secret sampling/sweetening formula that brings out the rich swirling harmonic resonance characteristics of this fantastic band instrument.
  • The Church Organ uses the same formulas as above to bring out the huge cave-like reverb and pipe attack of a massive Notre Dame style Cathedral Pipe Organ.

Requires Kontakt 2 or higher. Mac OS X/Windows XP/Vista.

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