Analogue Synthesizers For Kontakt

Audio Warrior’s Analogue Synthesizers For Kontakt is a collection of gurgling analog sounds from some of the of the most famous analog synthesizers of the 60’s & 70’s.


This collection contains sounds that made synths irresistibly cool. Searing synth leads, deep shaking bass patches, FX, trippy pads based on classics like Juno, Oberheim, Moog, Prophet, Oscar, and more. The sounds that put synths on the map have been digitized for maximum flexibility for use in Kontakt. Once you have them activated and on screen, further twist them into pulsating textures and pitch wheel them into pandemonium.

This whole retro-classic collection can be downloaded to your desktop in minutes. Analogue Synthesizers For Kontakt requires Kontakt 2 or higher Windows XP | Vista | Mac OS X

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