New Virtual Mellotron

tronAudioWarrior has introduced a new virtual Mellotron,  Tron for Kontakt.

You can preview Tron below.


The original hardware version of the Mellotron was an electromechanical polyphonic keyboard musical instrument that was originally developed and built in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s. It was used on countless hits including The Beatles — Strawberry Fields Forever (Flutes), Led Zeppelin — Stairway to Heaven (Flutes), Yes — Heart of the Sunrise & And You And I (Strings), King Crimson — on In the Court of the Crimson King & Starless (Three Violins), Radiohead — Exit Music (Choirs), and on Xbox’s 360’s Perfect Dark Zero video game.

Unlike the original Mellotron® the 8 second samples in TRON ‘Mello-Rack’ For KONTAKT have been perfectly looped for the modern world however the loops may be turned off to recapture the vintage effect of certain voices ending at variable times. Produced by Greg Giametta, TRON ‘Mello-Rack’ For KONTAKT is an indispensable tool for songwriters, composers, producers, and professional recording studios.

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