Hypnosphere’s Magnetism CD Features Classic Berlin-School Sounds

Hypnosphere’s Magnetism CD is a fantastic collection of Berlin-School synth music that fans of classic Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream will love.

The music, composed and performed by Lambert Ringlage & Wolfgang Barkowski, features wonderful warm analog sounds, evolving digital synth textures, interlocking sequences, phased pads, ambient interludes – all the stuff that made those 70’s synth tracks great. Listening to it, you may think you’re hearing a classic synth album that’s been hidden away for years.

Magnetism is made up of 8 sections. Half of the sections are longer pieces that allow the music to really evolve and develop. The other half are shorter atmospheric interludes. While the music is made up of 8 distinct sections, it also flows nicely into one continuous longer work.

Throughout the CD, there’s tasty synth work galore, including classic Moog and CS-80 sounds. If you’re a fan of classic synth music, make sure you check out the previews below!


  1. Magnetism Part 1 [22:31]
  2. Magnetism Part 2 [2:03]
  3. Magnetism Part 3 [11:26]
  4. Magnetism Part 4 [3:59]
  5. Magnetism Part 5 [6:36]
  6. Magnetism Part 6 [16:18]
  7. Magnetism Part 7 [3:13]
  8. Magnetism Part 8 [10:46]

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