Liquid Instrument Percussion Library

Liquid PercussionBigFishAudio has introduced Liquid Percussion, a new sample library that provides percussion grooves, loops and single samples.


Create complex percussion tracks, or just add a percussion pattern to your arrangement for a live and dynamic touch. With Liquid’s integrated Melodyne technology engine you are able to quantize, re-groove, timestretch and pitch every single loop and pattern of the originally live recorded percussion material without extra editing. All the loops automatically adjust their tempo to your arrangement while remaining groovy and keeping their natural color.

Choose from a great variety of styles and over sixty different percussion instruments including Latin, Oriental, African or FX percussion. Create your individual style by combining and mixing the loops and patterns of the different instruments and genres.


  • 3.5 GB
  • Full 24 bit recordings
  • 4200 loops and single samples

Liquid Instruments Percussion retails for $199.95.

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