Kurzweil PC3 Videos

Kurzweil has published several videos on the new PC3:

PC3 Sneak Preview VA1

PC3 Sneak Preview Pop Keys

PC3 Sneak Preview Mellotron

PC3 Sneak Preview EPs 1

PC3 Sneak Preview EPs 3

In addition to Kurzweil’s renowned Triple Strike Grand Piano, the PC3 features hundreds of new basses, drums, guitars, and synths sounds. Many features of the PC3 were inherited from the K Series–you might recognize the pop up style menu help screens. You also get a collection of vintage keyboard emulations, the KB3 Mode and over 250 professional sounding orchestral and string section programs.

The PC3 has 128-note polyphony, a 16-track sequencer, 4 independent arpeggiators and more effects processing power than Kurzweil’s standalone KSP8 processor. There is an USB connector and flash card port for import/export of data plus an angled display to view it all. The nine sliders/drawbar controllers and a newly designed keyboard action are all Kurzweil.

5 thoughts on “Kurzweil PC3 Videos

  1. Excuse me?16 tracks?! 4 independent arpeggiators?!Get your facts straight!
    The PC3 series has UNLIMITED sequencer tracks and 16…let me reiterate this…16 independent Arpeggiators.

    It might also be pertianent to mention that there are 850 programs,16 insert effects,an advanced V.A.S.T. synth engine AND an additional VA-1 synth engine as well.

  2. Very nice hodes sounds….very realistic. Now they only need to emulate the stereo vibrato and they’ve got it dead nuts on.


  3. In a particular setup can individual sounds be turned on and off while playing live ie can I be playing piano in a certain patch and add in strings for a verse and then maybe brass for the chorus?

  4. I am sorry for being such a whiny little bitch, you see I am a miserable prick and think I know everything, but I don’t because I am Thomas Sneddon and everyone knows what a loser I am. Also, I don’t have much playing talent. Thanks for the excellent videos, this helps people who are legitimate and have reasons to look for solid examples of this keyboard.

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