BT’s Logic Secrets

BT Brian Transeau - he does his own hair with a straight razor and the ladies want to get with him.Want to run Logic like electronica super-genius BT?

BT has been composing his tracks in the Logic Pro for the last decade. Logic offers a variety of customization options including Autoload (the standard parameters and tracks for a new project) and Key Commands, for quick access control.

BT’s also trying to standardize Logic key commands to make it easier for electronic musicians to collaborate:

“I actually got a large group of people to start using the same key commands: The Deep Dish guys, myself, Paul Van Dyk, Peter Gabriel, the whole Real World crew… there’s a bunch of us, we’re all on the same key commands. It’s really nice to be able to sit down at a computer and use them.

Some of them are based on Pro Tools commands which is nice because if you sit down in Pro Tools which I rarely do but I have to sometimes for film stuff, you’ve got some of the same zoom commands and stuff that you have in Pro Tools so you’re not completely lost when you’re in there. It’s pretty specific stuff. It just makes it really nice because now you can go to somebody else’s studio to work and it works great.”

Here’s the links if you want to try this out:

via Apple Logic forum (registration required)

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