Acoustic Labs Software Releases the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus

Multitrack plus

Acoustic Labs has released Multitrack Plus, which features real time tempo and pitch shifting, the ability to view many tracks at once, record multiple stereo tracks simultaneously, drag-and-drop audio sequencing of audio snippets, loop based sequencing, real time audio effects and many other features.


The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus has three main user interfaces: Track View Interface, Audio Editor Interface and Loop Bank Interface. The Track View Interface can be thought of as the main control panel for the audio project. Audio for each track can be viewed in this interface. Twenty four stereo tracks are available and up to eight tracks can be viewed at one time. The Audio Editor Interface can be used to perform very precise editing on any audio contained within a project. The Loop Bank Interface holds all audio loops associated with a project. Up to 32 different loops can be loaded into the Loop Bank per project. After loading or creating an audio loop, multiple copies can easily be placed anywhere within the audio project’s Track View Interface.

With added functionality such as full MP3 and Wave audio support, a built in metronome with different beat selections, numerous editing tools and sound effects the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus contains everything a beginning to intermediate recording artist needs to create professional quality recordings. The web based help section, equipped with screen shots and well explained instructions, details every aspect of the software and helps any beginner quickly get started.

A free demo version is available at the Acoustic Labs website. Multitrack Plus lists at: $44.95.
Acoustic Labs Software Releases an update of the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor

The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor is a powerful audio file recorder and editor supporting all of today’s most popular formats: Wave, MP3, WMA, Vorbis — OGG and more. This release of the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor continues to support the mixture of ease-of-use and functionality which users found to be a winning combination. Audio editing is made as simple as possible using the mouse to select various regions of the waveform to edit and then selecting from a variety of editing tools and audio effects. The audio editing capabilities of the Acoustic Labs Audio Editor are perfect for creating and editing audio files and various audio projects. Just some of the features included in the audio editor are:

* Open, edit, record and save in various audio file formats.
* Razor sharp editing: Zoom and edit at the sample level (a fraction of a millisecond)
* Supports better than CD quality audio playback and recording
* Easily convert between all supported audio file formats
* Tools: Cut, copy, paste, delete, volume adjust, fade, stretch, reverse and more
* Effects: Echo, delay, reverb, chorus, flange, 10 band equalizer and pitch shift
* Full MP3, WMA and OGG tag editing support
* Multiple input/output audio device support

The Acoustic Labs Audio Editor lists at: $24.95

For more information, visit their web site at

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