Elektrik Guitar & iStrum Silvertone For Kontakt

Elektrik Guitar & iStrum Silvertone For KONTAKTAudioWarrior has released a new sample library, Elektrik Guitar for Kontakt.

The library features a special electric lead guitar technique that creates authentic guitar-string vibrato that blends the original note into its relative harmonics [up to 3 harmonic tones per note]. This technology lets you emulate leads like Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner, or the multi-layered sound of Brian May.

The Pitch Wheel feature emulates dive bombs and whammy bar effects. You can play the individual notes of any dedicated Pat Pending G-Mapped real guitar chord patch with one hand in any order, forward, backward, or alternating. Ships with a variety of dry and effected Chromatics via Kontakt’s on-board studio quality effects. “ChromaVibe” tool has up to 21 alternating samples per note with Morphing Harmonic Vibrato.

iStrum Silvertone for Kontakt includes 85 Expandable/Strummable Guitar Chords and iStrum MIDI patterns [’63 Silvertone] for automatic chord strumming or manual strumming with a nylon guitar pick. The iStrum MIDI patterns are 4 bars each and can be copy/pasted, duplicated, layered, and pointed at the same chord to create more complicated strumming patterns. The default of the MIDI patterns BPM is 79 and can be adjusted +/- in your preferred sequencer’s MIDI transport controls which will make the pattern play to the tempo of your song while preserving the original pitch of the guitar chord strumming. The low notes of each of the G-Mapped guitar chords default to C3 on your keyboard [non-weighted works best] and ascend 3-6 notes on the white keys so when you strum left & right on your it’s literally like strumming the strings of a perfectly tuned guitar chord.

Requires Kontakt 2 or higher Windows XP | Vista | Mac OS X

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