UFO Software Synthesizer Gets Update

Audeon UFO

Audeon has updated its software synthesizer UFO for Mac OS X as a Universal Binary.

UFO, for Windows/OS-X, is built upon Audeon’s proprietary TransModal Synthesis engine wrapped in a unique and intuitive user interface. Programming a sound consists of placing dots on 2D controllers featuring perceptual attributes such as Periodicity, Brightness, Noisiness, Chaos, etc. Hundreds of simultaneous parameter modulations can be achieved by drawing coloured arrows on these 2D controllers.

You can preview UFO with the audio demos below.

Audeon offers a temporary discount on all versions of the UFO product line (for Windows and OS X). Until December 31st, orders placed on our online store using the “UFO-XMAS” coupon code will benefit from a 20% rebate off the regular price.

UFO can be purchased from the Audeon website and demo/trial versions are also available for download.

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