Free DJ Sets

Very Best Wireframe Naked ChickVeryBestDjSets is a new site that offers a library of free dj sets in MP3 format that you can download.

You can preview a few sample sets below.

The site features more than 40 GB of dj sets of artists from the international electronic scene. The site lets you download files directly, without registration or hassle. Plus, it’s got cheesetastic 80’s-style wireframe graphics of naked chicks. Not sure what that tells you about the site’s audience…..

According to the site, “This site is public domain. There are no rights reserved. We encourage you to share all this material as much as you want.”

Some of the material in the dj sets, though, is traditionally copyrighted, so enjoy but don’t make use of the sets in a commercial way.

via Netraver in the electronic music forum

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