New Synth For Mac & PC


Tone2 has released the PC version of its new virtual synthesizer, Gladiator. They expect the Mac version to be available before Christmas.

Tone2 uses “Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) Synthesis”. This synthesis method is based on a large and expandable repertoire of standard waves like pulse, unique synthetic waveforms as well as resynthesis waves like trumpets, organs, pianos and voice samples. These waves can be modified in real-time, altering its harmonic structure, syncing, waveshaping (see below the incredible variety of synthesis tools, filters, etc.). In total there are more than 30,000 different spectra available for combination and modulation.

You can preview the sound of Gladiator below.

Some of the synthesis features:

Advanced HCM (new synthesis, unique sounds), FM, AM, PWM (can be applied on every waveform), Sync, Phase modulation / PM, Vocoder sounds (512 bands), Waveshaping, Supersaw (can be applied on every waveform), additive sounds (512 harmonics), resynthesis sounds, Phase distortion, sample playback, real stereo, 18 oscillators per voice, 74 different oscillator types with 30208 waveforms, additional user defined waveforms with modifiers, alias free/162x oversampling (sample playback), Modular routing, etc.Some of the filter and effects: 40 different filters (analog, vocal, comb, elliptic, phaser, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch, EQ…), 20 different effects, 7 distortion types, programmable arpeggiator, step LFO and trancegate, BPM syncable, IQM for clearer chords (intelligent microtuning), 4x stereo unison, etc.

You can download a PC demo.
Price is $199 (149 €)

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