NuGen Audio Release Stereo Pack Bundle

NuGen Audio has released the Stereo Pack bundle, which Stereoizer, Monofilter and Stereoplacer plugins, allowing the user to analyse, enhance control and fine tune audio with a high degree of precision.

Suggested applications:

  • Re-adusting the stereo image of individual sounds
  • Stereo differential spectral analysis
  • Adding stereo depth to mono source files
  • Widening/narrowing existing stereo images
  • Improving bass definition
  • Re-focusing bass frequencies where stereo FX have been used
  • Correcting problems in sounds sampled from vinyl
  • Correcting phase issues
  • Making frequency splits
  • Re-mastering old recordings
  • Preparing for mastering to vinyl
  • Tightening smeared stereo imaging
  • Handling live recordings and instruments
  • ‘Psychoacoustic panning’ of bass sounds

The Stereo Pack is available for Windows and Mac in VST and Audio Units for $99.

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