Vienna Symphonic Library Releases Appassionata Strings II

Vienna Symphonic Library Releases Appassionata Strings IIVienna Symphonic Library has released the Appassionata Strings II Collection, which features large muted string ensembles to offer a Hollywood-style string sound.


Appassionata Strings II offers almost all of the articulations that the first Collection includes, but played “con sordino”. Their broad cinematic sound defies expectations for a virtual instrument, adding depth, subtlety and emotion to the composer’s orchestra. They integrate perfectly into a variety of musical styles, from pop environments to symphonic arrangements, from heart-tugging ballads to films, from pure string beds to complete orchestral scores.

Appassionata Strings II also offers various facets of sustains and Legato Performances, but also includes articulations such as accented interval notes, spiccatos, staccatos, various Repetition Performances, trills, and much more. They also include Vienna’s innovative “out-of-tune-samples” where various players of the ensemble carefully correct their intonation as the tone progresses. Mirroring what actually happens in live orchestral performances, this is a very effective technique for creating heightened realism and expression.

Appassionata Strings II is a virtual instrument comprising 10.7 GB of samples in 24 bit/44.1 kHz that works stand-alone or as a plug-in with AU (OS X), RTAS (OS X) and VST (Win XP, OS X) hosts.

Appassionata Strings II is now available from Vienna’s worldwide network of distributors and dealers.


  • Standard Library: $515/€395
  • Extended Library: $185/€145
  • Full Library: $700/€540

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