Brian Eno Gets New Gig As UK Youth Adviser

Brian EnoBrian Eno has a new gig: Nick Clegg enlisted Eno as an adviser on youth issues and to help him fix Britain’s “broken politics”.

Eno told the BBC Radio 4 World at One programme his work as a record producer meant he had credibility with young people.

“For ages we have had this political rhetoric coming from the prime minister and a succession of home secretaries that seemed to vilify young people all the time and make [them] into a kind of problem.

“I remember thinking: How can you hope to govern with any sense of optimism if you are saying the people who have the future of the country in their hands are a problem?”

Clegg said politicians spoke a language completely alien to young people. “[That] is one of the reasons the Liberal Democrats will, in the coming years, break the stifling grip of two-party politics for good and change the system. That is what we are about,” he said.

5 thoughts on “Brian Eno Gets New Gig As UK Youth Adviser

  1. This seems so absurd to me. Brian Eno is about as far from the yoof of today’s UK as I am. And I’m 50, and live in Iowa.

    I’d like to see them implement some truly Eno-esque policies to connect with the young folks. Instead of jail or community service, have young offenders sort the rocks on the Brighton strand by color and size.

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