Amazing Interactive Light Music Box


Jin-Yo Mok’s SoniColumn is an interactive sound installation that can be played by a person’s touch.

The installation takes the form of a column-like cylinder, of a height that does not quite reach the ceiling but just high enough for one’s reach. Grids of LEDs installed inside the column light themselves on by the users’ touch and emit unique sounds. When a user cranks the handle, the column slowly rotates itself and plays the light patterns of the user’s touch.

“SoniColumn is one of my series of works, The MusicBox Project, the reproduction of my experience with a small music box that I happened to play a long time ago,” explains Mok. “The lucid sounds coming from a simple play mechanism stirred me up with my old memory echoed with them. I am pleasantly and cautiously reproducing this happy experience with a small toy which was not sublime nor mysterious, but simple and easy.”

Mok has images of several other interesting interactive music projects at his site.

via AudioLemon

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