A Real iPhone Synthesizer

Earlier today we had images of a Roland 808 on an iPhone and asked if it was legit. The consensus in the comments was that the iPhone 808 was bogus.

iPhone Synth, though is real and available for download. Here’s a video of it in action:

The synth uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to change the cutoff and resonance of its filter.

iPhoneSynth is a very simple synth for the iPhone. Version 0.02 includes a 16 step sequencer with the ability to change length and oscillator type (sawtooth, square or noise) individually for each step. It also includes a lowpass filter.

Not only can you set each note in each step of the sequence, but the type of oscillator per note (ie square, sine or white noise for snares/claps), the volume of each step, and the octave.

5 thoughts on “A Real iPhone Synthesizer

  1. love how it uses motion to modify the sound.. it’s like some new fan-dangled thermion. Now if it only output midi and CC data and I could use it as a controller for some of my other synths….

    go go team iPhone… make it so.

  2. WTF? – Nowhere in the article does it say that the Roland TR-808 is a synth.

    This post was from 2 years ago, too, when the idea of a virtual instrument on the iPhone was new.

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