Robert Schroeder – SphereWare

SpherewareGerman electronic music artist Robert Schroeder has been producing music since 1979. He was discovered by Klaus Schulze, and to this day, his music bears a Schulze/Berlin School influence.

Schroeder’s music on SphereWare is in the classic synth music vein of 70’s synth artists, but with enough modern touches to make it appeal not only to fans of vintage synth and space music, but also to fans of modern ambient and chill-out music. Throughout the album, Schroeder makes great use of synth sequences and echo effects to create constantly changing hypnotic effects.

On several tracks, including A Quarter Of An Hour, 100% Synthetic and SphereWare, Schroeder creates longer, reflective explorations.

While Schroeder’s music on Sphereware is clearly influenced by classic synth tracks of the 70’s, he doesn’t fall into the trap of being too reverential to his influences or of just sounding dated. For example, on 100% Synthetic, Schroeder uses many of the elements of Klaus Schulze’s most influential tracks, including sequences, Mellotron-style chorus effects, spacey echo and reverberation effects and Minimoog-style solos. But Scroeder gives his track a modern edge through his choice of sounds, current drum sounds and metallic digital sounds that swirl across the stereo space.

On SphereWare, Robert Schroder updates classic synth music vibes and keeps them relevant for modern audiences.


  • Access to Dream
  • A Quarter of an Hour
  • Data Stream
  • Solar Panels
  • Illuminated Signs
  • Percent Synthetic
  • Dancing Clouds
  • Flying Saucers
  • Sphereware

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