VirSyn Intros Matrix Vocoder


Virsyn has introduced Matrix, a new virtual vocoder that offers precise analog modelling 8-pole filters and extremely fast envelope followers; new voiced/unvoiced detection and pitch extraction algorithms for high intelligibility; a stereophonic synthesis filter bank that preserves the spatial characteristic of the replacement signal; and an easy to use interface and latency free operation.

You can preview Matrix below.


  • 32 channel filter bank
  • Stereophonic synthesis
  • Voiced/unvoiced detection
  • Pitch tracking
  • Formant shift
  • Pause filling
  • Channel matrix
  • Pan position and level for each channel
  • 16 internal oscillators
  • Easy user interface.

Host compatibility:

  • VST 2.4
  • AudioUnit

A demo version is available (a Syncrosoft Dongle is needed). From now till January 31st, 2008 you can buy MATRIX for only €129, instead of €199

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