Robert Rich Releases 7-Hour Ambient Work As Digital Download

Ambient music artist Robert Rich sent word about a new version of his 7-hour “sleep concert”, Somnium.

Somnium is thought to be the longest continuous musical composition ever released in any format. Because of its scale, it presented unique challenges, and previous versions of the work required compromises.

Rich says that a new digital download version of Somnium addresses these compromises:

“I was always a bit frustrated with the compromises I had to make on the DVD release of Somnium, especially the compression on the middle chapter and the lack of navigation, both a result of space restrictions on the DVD-V format.

When Ian Boddy told me about his partnership with the new Musiczeit website, I asked if they would be able to handle really big files. It seems they can. So, I uploaded full resolution FLAC (lossless compressed) files of Somnium, divided into thirds like the DVD, along with 256 bit MP3 files that people can download for about the same price as the DVD.

I plan to keep Somnium in print as a DVD through Hypnos, but it seems that the new downloadable formats might be a good home for such a long musical recording.”

This sounds like a great new option for delivering new types of music.

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