Crate-Digger Death Match Pits Producers Against Producers

Crate Digger Death MatchInspired by the 24 Hour Comics Day, the same challenge that spawned off the 48 Hour Film Fest and many others, Drown Radio started the Crate Digger Death Match to find out what 12 musicians can do with $12 worth of thrift-store finds in 12 hours or less.

The challenge takes place next Saturday, January 5th 2008, with all submissions due by 8am the following day. Upon completion, 4 celebrity judges will rank the albums. Each artist will also pick a “single” off of their album that will be posted throughout the next week for fans to vote on online. On the following Saturday, the results of the judges scores and online voting will be totaled the first King of the CDD will be crowned.

Each competitor is limited to $12 (pre-tax/USD) worth of “sound sources.” These may only be purchased from thrift stores on the day of the event (January 5th, 2008). Sound sources may include, records, CDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, DVDs, 8-track cassettes, children’s toys, musical devices, or any other device that a participant deems adequate to create music within the bounds of this competition.

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