Plan B Heisenberg Generator

Plan B Heisenberg Generator, originally uploaded by thumbuki.

The Model 24 Heisenberg Generator is the first computer-based module in the Plan B line.

Taking it’s name from Werner Heisenberg (the father of the Uncertainty Principle), the Model 24’s primary function is a dual wide-band random voltage generator producing simultaneous and fully independent stepped and smooth arbitrary voltages.

Along with these random events, it can also be used as a Sample and Hold, a VC Lag Processor, a VC Trigger Generator, a Gate to Trigger Converter or a Digital Noise Source. The Model 24 also provides VC inputs for all of its tactile controls. While totally self contained – producing its own pacing triggers and random states – its also open ended, and will accept external triggers and voltages independently.

I need one of these babies – but I’m using the MOTM format. It would be great if all the modular makers would support MOTM! Plan B’s grown into quite the line-up, though.

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