New Synths Of The 1970s Sound Library For Kontakt

seventies sound librarySounds And Effects has announced Synths of the 1970s for Kontakt. Source material was recorded at 24 bit from the Mini Moog, ARP 2600, Moog Opus 3, ARP Odyssey, and Oberheim SEM.Developed by Terry Grame, who was a sound developer for many of E-Mu Systems’ hardware sound modules, the intent here is to be much more like a virtual sound module then just a collection of raw samples — not just to emulate the old synths, but instead to use their sounds as source material to build new and exciting sounds using Kontakt’s advanced synthesis engine — including the multi-pole filters, the tempo synced LFOs and 32 Step Generators, integrated effects, Beat Machine loops, mono mode, portamento and more.

You can preview the Synths of the 1970’s below.

Synths of the 1970s specs:

  • Kontakt version 2 or higher Mac or PC
  • 400 megabytes
  • 150 presets + drum presets
  • 24/44.1

The MSRP is $49.95. Details and more demos at the Sound and Effects site.

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