Access Virus TI Snow

Access Virus TI Snow

Access has announced the Virus TI Snow, a desktop Virus with computer connectivity.

The Virus TI Snow features 3 oscillators and one sub-oscillator per voice. The main oscillators can be classic analog-style oscillators (saw, square, sine waves, etc) hypersaw, wavetable, graintable, or formant oscillators.

Two independent filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop) with an optional saturation module offer classic Moog-style sounds and a variety of other 1-4 pole filter effects.

A two dimensional modulation matrix, with six slots offer a full range of realtime modulation effects. Three LFOs are available with both hardwired destinations and a user-definable slot. Two multi-state ADSTR LFOs are also available.

You can preview the sound of the Access Virtus TI Snow below.


5 thoughts on “Access Virus TI Snow

  1. “It’s like getting a sports car for the price of a scooter”…
    [from the Snow teaser page]

    I’ve only ever had issue with the price of the Virus line, if this truly has the same polyphony/timbrality as the TI and somehow manages to hit the $1000 mark i’m in it, no question.

    Big ups for breaking this story for me.

  2. c.todd

    I think they’ve got to be under that – we should know in a couple days.

    It sound good and the idea of hardware working with your software is definitely here to stay.

  3. lordy, why the hell are they still using usb1.1? i think that’s what keeps the TI part from living up to it’s full potential.

    otherwise, hell ya! my dream machine!

  4. Saw the unit at the NAMM and must say I was quite impressed with its power. It is far easier to work with for someone with little or no programming experience and in my opinion, sounded every bit as good as its bigger siblings. Of course, for the selling price it will not have the polyphony or multi-timbral numbers of its big brothers.
    Big selling point is its size. This baby is small. You could take it, an MPC 500 and say a M-audio KeyRig 25, put them in your backpack and have quite a powerful, portable setup. I’m going for it when it is released.

  5. My favourite synth module. Sounds and looks dreamy-gorgeous and the DAW integration is comprehensive even if, as I seem to find, one can only use one ‘instance’ of it. Then again, if one has a Stradivarius violin, one can only have one person playing it at a time too!!

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