NAMM Preview: Plan B Elf Series

Plan B Elf SeriesNAMM Preview: Plan B’s Peter Grenader has announced a new series of modules, the ELF series.

“We will be showing the first two offerings of our proposed “ELF” series modules at the Winter Namm in Anaheim. The Elf’s are slated to be a series of 4HP wide modules designed to add functionality with minimal real estate penalty.

The first is a high-quality headphone preamp which uses the 5532 power amplifier. The Model 40 gives you options of mono output (input A into both L and R) or stereo (input A to L, input B to R) operation.

The Model 41 Wave Splicer is a unique circuit which merges waveshapes. It senses the zero-crossing of input A and and transitions to input B when a Splice command occurs, the timing of which may be set by either a pot or an external voltage control. The M40 is phase locked to the A input, meaning no matter how long it’s duration, the output will return to input A only at the next zero-crossing. This allows the user to sculpt a number of unique phase-variable waveforms from a standard VCO (sine/tri, sine/saw, sine/square, tri/saw, tri/square and saw/square), the ratio of each parent waveform determined by the location of the splice. Imagine a waveform which is three-quarters saw and one quarter square which retains the ability to apply PWM to the last third and/or change the phase relationshio (the ratio) of the two in real time.

The upside of doing it as a module as opposed to just adding that functionality into the VCO to begin with is some of these sound more interesting than others and as an outboard it gives you the potential to morph from other sources, not just the parent VCO. You can morph form a sub-octave generator, or an external audio source, to noise, etc.

We’ll be showing these ad the full Plan B line at the Analogue Haven booth this year’s Namm at a new location in 2008 – this time UPSTAIRS FROM THE MAIN ENTRANCE in meeting room 210-2. A closed environment which assures quiet demo’ing. We’re looking forward to that, a lot!”

Plan B’s line is already impressive, and these look to be a compact way to add new functionality.

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