Vako Orchestron Optical Disc Sampler

The Vako Orchestron is an old-school style optical competitor to the Mellotron.

The Orchestron, which was adapted from the Mattel Optigan, was introduced in 1975 by Dave Van Koevering. It was intended to be a competitor to the Mellotron, but it never really took off.

More information about the Orchestron and related instruments is available at the Optigan site.

One thought on “Vako Orchestron Optical Disc Sampler

  1. I was a customer and frequent visitor of Dave V’s music store on Central Ave in St. Pete FL during the period that the Orchestron was being developed. I recall the day that Dave showed me and a few others the Optigan that he had gotten from some sales rep. It was just a toy but we all thought that it was cool. Everyone had their eye on a mellotron of course but this held promise for something similar in a bit more portable form.

    Just thought and acdote from that time period might be of interest.

    Ray Eales

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