BT Kidnapping & Custody Battle Update

Electronica artist BT and his daughter Kaia have found themselves in an custody battle turned ugly.

Kaia Transeau kidnapped from Brian Transeau BT

Several weeks ago, BT asked for help finding his daughter. He put out this statement:

BT’s daugther Kaia Nui Transeau (3,5 years old), has been abducted by her mother Ashley Duff and taken across state lines from Maryland to New York City. We believe that Kaia is in Brooklyn with Ashley, Sarah Riley and possibly others. In the interest of not disclosing private information publicly please contact us with information if you have it, we already have addresses and phone numbers.

Kaia was last heard crying to BT on the phone and asking “Daddy please please come get me!!! Mommy is screaming and hit me. I want to come home!” This incident was reported to the police. She was taken from the hotel in Silver Spring, Maryland where Kaia was visiting overnight with her mother at aprox 4 AM and driven to New York City, possibly without a car seat.

Kaia has lived solely with her father the entire school year and is most likely extremely upset and confused. It is possible that Ashley may flee to either Atlanta or California. She has been given no consent to travel with Kaia and this was the first visit she’s had in several weeks.

Thank you for any and all help. We just want Kaia in her home where she belongs with her family at Christmas time. Ashley, we want to help you too and want Kaia to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with you, her mother. Please if you have any information on Kaia’s whereabouts or have seen either Kaia or Ashley, contact us: lynne at (BT’s assistant).

Friday, BT updated his MySpace page with this info:

We Found Kaia! Thank you for your prayers!
Current mood: thankful

thank you for all your prayers and support. We’ve found Kaia! It’s still a long road before we’ve reached the end. We ask for your continued prayer and support in this sensitive family matter, and that everybody involved will keep Kaia first and foremost in their decisions.

As we’ve seen, prayers can be answered.


Here’s a picture of BT and his daughter that we took in simpler times:

BT with Kaia

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