IK Multimedia Announces StompIO Guitar/Bass Amp and FX System Now Shipping

Amplitube Stompbox IOIK Multimedia has announced that StompIO, an advanced USB floor controller + audio interface + modeling software bundle, is shipping.

StompIO comes fully stocked with 5 full software packages:

  • AmpliTube 2
  • Ampeg SVX
  • AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix
  • AmpliTube Metal (only for previously registered AmpliTube 2 users) and
  • AmpliTube X-GEAR

That’s over $1,200/€990 worth of software, totaling over 150 different modern and vintage gear models.


  • software-based guitar amp and FX that can truly be used live
  • operate every element of the software, with no need to have a screen, keyboard or mouse connected
  • boots up in less than 45 seconds on an average Mac/PC
  • use the same set up on stage and in studio, with the same instantly recallable presets and sound
  • more expandable and upgradeable than any other software-based effects system
  • vonveniently carry a mega-rig with your laptop or mini computer

StompIO manages 4,000 presets with 5 different play modes to suit your playing style, with full editing control and the ability to create, save, and manage presets with only your feet. Take full control of your virtual gear rig with 10 on-board metal switches and 6 dynamic knobs with 2 large displays, plus to up 6 additional expression pedals or switches for monster rig control (1 expression pedal is included). Balanced and unbalanced outs let you connect the output of StompIO to an amp or house PA, and the MIDI in/out allows you to integrate traditional hardware processors for the ultimate live rig.

In the studio, StompIO combines the audio-quality of a high-end audio interface (with >107dBA, the highest dynamic range in its category) with an advanced automation controller to record your entire performances without handing off your guitar, and no need for tedious automation editing. StompIO is compatible with every DAW system, with balanced outputs for traditional recording and S/PDIF output for high-quality digital recording.

Price and availability

StompIO is now available from all worldwide IK dealers and distributors, as well as on the IK online shop, for an MSRP of €799/$1,049.

The included AmpliTube Metal for AmpliTube 2 registered users will be available by March.

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